photo by Rach Dodson

joy overflowing

I have been trying to think of how to put into words the way that I feel when I look at flowers. It’s not just a, “cool flowers, bro” feeling. It’s a literal stirring in the pit of my stomach, an artesian well overflowing, butterflies fluttering in my chest. My heart responds to flowers. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out why.

I am fascinated by all of the different varieties, I can’t help but think that the Lord had extra fun designing flowers, and how much joy He must feel when He sees His created creating, building off of, His incredible designs. I mean seriously, look at how He’s clothed them. Mind blown.

As a kid I remember sitting in the soccer field making flower crowns out of clover blooms (my friends wouldn’t let me play sports with them #nonaturaltalent). I remember feeling so content taking something so beautiful and making it wearable. I definitely lucked out growing up in an artistic town, the teachers wouldn’t bat an eye when all of us girls returned from recess with flowers in our hair.

I’ve always loved spring because of flowers: playing in endless fields of yellow sour grass, going on walks with my mom and looking at all of the beautiful flower gardens in different neighborhoods, freesias at my aunt Jenny’s house for easter.

Flowers bring me so much joy that sometimes it drives me to tears. And I am definitely not the type that typically happy cries. I’m usually the one making fun of my sensitive friends when they’re overcome with emotion because I don’t know how else to deal with it. All that to say, this is why I am a florist. Because I think weddings should be joy filled celebrations of a lifelong commitment between a man and his bride. Because flowers are the best visual representation of joy overflowing. They capture all of the giddy, rapturous feelings along with waves of deep emotions.

Who knew it could get so real so quick when talking about flowers?  

I’m a southern California native with a deeply entrenched need to be in salt water...even when the temperatures are hypothermia-inducing.

I’m deeply in love with my best friend, who thankfully shares my need for the sea, but also keeps me tethered to the shore. He supports my dreams and is the biggest reason that I’m in the process of writing this glimpse into my life.

I'm passionate about fresh flowers and I'm kind of a nerd about them. When it comes to gold I’m like a magpie, anything with that luminous hue draws my eye like no other. I love dogs, and books, and coffee, and nature, and ice cream, and marriage, and Jesus, and people (when I'm not busy introverting).

Annnnyway, because I long to impact the world for good, I've partnered with my good friend Whitney. Her Costa Rican ministry Iris Guanacaste helps woman and children who have been rescued from human trafficking assimilate back into society! 20% of every purchase will go directly to Iris Guanacaste, Costa Rica. All of the funds from Gilded Flora provide microloans for women who long to start their own small business. 

I mean, is there anything better than combining the joy of your big day with the joy of bringing hope to the hopeless?

No one has ever become poor by giving.
— Anne Frank
With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?
— Oscar Wilde